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Topic Name Replies Views Last Post
Code Editor crahses when cursor intermittency is set to 0
3 20 20-Mar-2018
Mark all ocurrences of the selected word
3 22 19-Mar-2018
Debugging help
6 87 17-Mar-2018
Code Completion
3 41 15-Mar-2018
Code Completion (Intellisense) from custom classes
2 31 13-Mar-2018
Andrew Medvedev
WinForms Designer - Localizable Support
2 29 07-Mar-2018
Andrew Medvedev
Colored Keywords
2 29 05-Mar-2018
Andrew Medvedev
Intellisense not working on Microsoft .NET assemblies
12 110 05-Mar-2018
Andrew Medvedev
Intellisense not working with 'if' statement first
2 40 23-Feb-2018
Andrew Medvedev
Code Editor VBScript highlighting and intellisense
6 196 21-Feb-2018
Issues updating older Editor.NET assemblies
6 81 07-Feb-2018
Debugger: Stop script but keep the main application running
9 144 05-Feb-2018
Andrew Medvedev
Add method "IRoslynRepository.UnregisterAssembly"
3 86 01-Feb-2018
Wolfgang HG
Sourcecode is scrolled without scrollbar
3 66 01-Feb-2018
Wolfgang HG
Modifiying conditions inside IF statement: closing round brackets might get lost
5 72 01-Feb-2018
Wolfgang HG