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Can SyntaxEdit (or HtmlScriptParser) pre-format (un-minify) the HTML-code before displaying?
2 10 15-Dec-2017
Andrew Medvedev
How can I implement "smart selection on double-click" for HTML?
1 14 14-Dec-2017
"Save to RTF" and memory stream
5 33 13-Dec-2017
Wolfgang HG
Editing of code snippets
20 655 13-Dec-2017
Wolfgang HG
How to disable syntax error highlighting at all?
2 18 13-Dec-2017
Andrew Medvedev
How to enable braces highlighting
2 15 13-Dec-2017
Andrew Medvedev
Error markers and "cascaded" error
4 29 13-Dec-2017
Andrew Medvedev
Custom code completion items
9 131 05-Dec-2017
Andrew Medvedev
NullReferenceException in WPF CodeCompletionListBox when used on WinForms ElementHost
5 86 29-Nov-2017
Wolfgang HG
XML Editor
4 44 16-Nov-2017
Andrew Medvedev
Code Editor VBScript highlighting and intellisense
5 86 15-Nov-2017
You have no Licence activation left
2 43 06-Nov-2017
Andrew Medvedev
Very Large Files (100mb+)
8 78 02-Nov-2017
Scott Myers
Custom Snippets
3 56 29-Oct-2017
Code Editor Configuration Dialog
2 112 12-Sep-2017
Andrew Medvedev