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WinForms/WPF Scripter difference

01-Aug-2017 01:49 AM

West Consulting

West Consulting

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Maybe I ask a stupid thing, but ... what are the differences betweenScripter.WinForms and Scripter.WPF? Is the difference only in form rendering or is there any other difference?

I'm evaluating your components and they are really very interesting!



01-Aug-2017 04:51 PM

Andrew Medvedev

Andrew Medvedev

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Hi Silvano,

Scripter and Script Debugger engine are represented by non-visual components, and the only difference between WPF and WinForms editions is really the Script Debugger UI user controls (evaluation dialog, and panels for stack trace, breakpoints, error log, outputs, local vars and threads). Also please note that source code is included only in Universal edition.