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AlterNET Extensibility Studio 2.0

29-Sep-2017 10:18 PM

Andrew Medvedev

Andrew Medvedev

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Extensibility Studio 2.0 is a major update bringing many new features accross all our products and handling of high-dpi resolutions.

Below is list of changes in this release:

Licensing model
  - License exception no longer occurs if application uses licensed control indirectly (i.e. in form of compiled assembly).

  + Scroll bar annotations can be displayed in a vertical scrollbar area to show special items in the text, such as search results, modified lines, syntax errors and bookmarks.
  + Text Editor and Syntax Edit control now correclty handle high-dpi resolutions and large fonts.
  + Text rendering performance was improved for large files
  + Null-width block selection has been implemented for both WinForms Syntax Edit and WPF Text Edit controls.
  + Syntax diagnostics of information type (such as unused using statement) is displayed using lighter color, similar to Visual Studio code editor.
  + Search now highlights multiple occurrences in the text, similar to Visual Studio Code Editor.
  + Word auto correction now works for WPF Text Editor.
  + Macro recording and playback now works for WPF Text Editor.
  + Readonly lines are now displayed in a different color in WPF Text Editor.
  + Gutter image can be confirgured to be displayed for all or only first line in case line style spans acros few text lines.
  + WPF Text Editor can now be splitted both vertically and horizontally.
  + Single-line border can now be displayed around selected text in WPF Text Editor.
  + Advanced parsers for C# and VB are now capable of recognizing C# 6/ VB 14 syntax such as Null-conditional operators, Expression bodies on method-like members, Null-Propagating Operators and named parameters.
  + Example parser for highlighting Microsoft SQL text has been added to Quick Start projects.
  + Example parsers for highlighitng part of the C# and VB code (i.e method or class body) have been added to Quick Start projects.
  - Text Editor no longer block space key when code completion box is displayed.
  - Expanded/Collapsed state is now properly preserved during text reparsing.
  - Syntax Edit (WinForms) and Text Editor (WPF) now correcly handle international characters in the text.
  - Delay in text redrawing of changed line no longer occurs in WPF Text Editor in Word Wrap mode.
  - Incorrect syntax highlighting that appears during block deletion or unoding changes with VB code has been fixed.
  - Roslyn-based C# and VB parsers correctly highlight interpolated strings.
  - Roslyn C# and VB parsers work correctly if target for .NET Framework 4.6
  - Intellisense is no longer displayed inside Visual Basic comments.
  - Outline sections are now created for multi-line comments for C#/VB.NET Roslyn parsers.
  - Line Modificators indicators are displayed for correct text lines in Word Wrap mode.
  - Changing font in WPF Text Editor no longer cause incorrect caret navigation and text selection.
  - Code Completion content is now sorted alphabetically.
  - Code Completion now correctly shows list of types in object creation statement.
  - Parameter tooltips now work correctly for type constructors.
  - Code Completion now shows built-in types in a global scope.
  - Code completion is no longer invoked inside strings or comments.
  - Code completion listbox no longer pre-selects first item during typing in the editor, preventing insertion of unwanted text.
  - VB keywords are now displayed in a proper case in the code completion listbox.
  - Several Code Completion minor issues.
  - Parent form no longer loses focus when parameter tooltip and completion box are displayed at the same time, and user presses escape to close the box

  + Code completion has been added to Expression evaluation dialog box.
  + Script debugger can be confirugred to run multiple debugging sessions on the same computer.
  + Script platform (x86/x64/AnyCPU) can now be explicitly specified.
  + Script code can now be run in dpi-aware mode.
  + For VB Scripts global objects can be referenced directly by their names without using ScriptGlobalClass.
  - Setting breakpoint during script compilation/starting up no longer triggers error.
  - Debugger breakpoints are correctly cleared when script source is changed.
  - Debugger correctly evaluates exception object when unhandled exception occurs.
  - Stepping over a function call now correctly stops inside breakpoint if it's set in that function.
  - Breakpoints now work correctly inside anonymous methods.
  - Enabled state of breakpoints is now correctly preserved between debugging sessions.

Form Designer
  + All common shortcuts are now supported in WinForms Form Designer.
  + Uniform icons are now used across Form Designer popup menus.
  + Popup menu with default actions has been added to Form Designer Toolbox.
  + Toolbox content can be saved/loaded to file or stream.
  - Toolbox no longer throws error if no active designer is attached.