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Thank you for your interest in AlterNET Studio, a .NET component libraries for code editing, scripting and designing user interfaces.

To help you with the evaluation process, we provide a fully functional 30 day evaluation version.


AlterNET Studio


AlterNET Studio is installed with .NET Framework 4.6.1 - compatible libraries; for other versions of .NET Framework/.NET Core our libraries are available in form of nuget packages.


Demo projects and Documentation can also be downloaded separately.


AlterNET Studio is written in C# and built on .NET Framework. Universal edition ships with the full source code, including source code for demo projects and design-time code.

Evaluation Version

AlterNET Studio evaluation version lasts 30 days from the time of installation.
Please refer to our License FAQ for frequently asked questions related to our licensing model and to our License agreement for the licensing terms.

Software Requirements

AlterNET Studio is compatible with the following Frameworks and IDEs:
.NET Framework 4.5.2+, .NET Core 3.1, .NET 5.0
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2015, 2017, 2019

Installation process

The installation program will create binaries, documentation, examples and demos in Program Files\AlterNET Software and Public Documents\AlterNET Software folders and register components on the Visual Studio toolbox.

Current version is 7.0. Please refer to the release notes and version history here.
It is recommended to uninstall previous versions of our products before installing the new version, using Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs. If you find any problems during installation, contact us at