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Extensibility Studio 3.0 highlights

In line with vision to constantly improve our tools for extending .NET applications and deliver these improvements to our customers via continuous stream of updates, we have just released Extensbility Studio 3.0. I'd like to outline the major changes in this release. ..

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Technology preview of Extensibility Studio for Javascript/Typescript

We’re constantly looking at how to improve our products to empower .NET developers with a set of tools for including scripting capabilities in their applications. These tools include powerful code editor for editing user scripts, script execution and debugging engine and a visual form designer to hook up custom user interfaces to these scripts. ..

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Known issues of .NET Script executing and debugging.

In our products and solutions we heavily rely on Microsoft compiler services to provide C#/Visual Basic scripting capabilities allowing to extend .NET applications with user-defined logic. There are certain limitations that come with this technology, the most common ones experienced by our customers are described below.  ..

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